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2019 Lake Tahoe Fishing Map,Fishing Report and nearby Fishing and Hunting Clubs

  Lake Tahoe Fishing Map and Fishing Report for Kokanees and Mackinaws, Local Fishing and Hunting Clubs

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ake Tahoe Lake Trout and Kokanee Fishing Report:

Fishing for mackinaws  near  North Shore with limits of 4 to 7 pounder hitting in only 2 to 3 hours. trolling for Brown trout near South Shore for fish running 2 to 5 pounds is also good. Use Shadow Raps and Krocodile 40 to 60 feet deep.  Rapalas at 120-150 feet for Mackinaws.

How and where to find fish at Lake Tahoe

LAKE TAHOE - Lake  Tahoe is beautiful but  can be intimidating to fish, after all, this is the world’s 10th deepest  lake (1,645 feet) and sixth largest in the  United States. Highly underrated, it is one of the best fishing lakes in California.
Right now in April they’re doing it to  the kokanee,  it is red hot.  Unlike the large Lake Trout, aka Mackinaw, these  kokanee, basically landlocked  salmon — are small in size, with a 16 incher  considered the upper end.
 Limit is five fish per day,  with pink flesh and a limit will make a decent meal for a  small family.   Summer is the best  time to go after these silvery  bright fish during the 80- to 90-degree days but at this moment our fishing report found that limits are being caught within a couple hours. 
Kokanee, during the  Summer,  start schooling up , just like salmon everywhere, such as in a Bay Area prior to migrating up the  Sacramento River to spawn. But 200 miles from any ocean, these mini salmon migrate up Taylor  Creek, after schooling on the west  side of the lake, around Sugar Pine. See our Fishing Map for details.
The schooling  starts in June, and as July and August  near, the kokanee schools become concentratred as they  migrate to  the south end of the lake.  Our fishing report  found that they first migrate to Rubicon Point then spread out over all of the entire south end. Here is where you should focus your efforts.
Taylor  Creek,  near Emerald Bay, is where they  lay their eggs and  die - so  anglers do extremely well by trolling the  south end — from  Sugar Pine Point  to Cave Rock and  all points south.  Like our Fishing Map shows,   Logan  Shoals, Cave Rock, Zephyr Cove, Elks  Point, Camp Richardson, the Keys and  Rubicon Point.
Our Fishing report found that Kokanee fishing is very good right  now averaging 10 to 12 inches. Success on the  kokanee depends on the previous year’s  spawn. A good spawn in Taylor Creek in  2014 means an excellent season this  year, and anglers are already seeing the  effects of that good spawn. 
Trolling  lures in 40 to 70 feet  of water, is the norm in summer , but as shallow as 10 feet earlier in the year. Electronic fish finders are a must  early in the year because kokanee are spread out in small schools.
Model A Ford Fenders, Red  Magic or Needlefish on Ieadcore line or  downriggers is the best setup. Mackinaw hit  trolled minnows or spoons deep lined. Mackinaw  angling is better at north end.  We will have a fishing report  on this species soon.

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